How to Merge Math and Art:

Here is a super fun way to introduce art to math lessons! It's incredible to see students light up as they make the connections between art and mathematics.

This is one of my favorite activities! As an amateur artist (you can view my paintings at ) and a full time math educator (B.S. Mathematics), I truly believe that art and math are very closely related. Attention to detail, pattern recognition and synthesizing data are qualities found in mathematicians and artists alike. Breaking down a large task (weather a difficult math problem or complex art project) into smaller parts is an important skill for all students to master.  

As students begin drawing the pieces into the appropriate location in the frame they will enjoy connecting the lines to complete the painting. When they complete the painting, they can research the title and artist. Students can even color in the picture for a more complete look. Who knew fraction conversions could result into a Math Masterwork?!

Check it out here!