How to throw a PEMDAS party!

As a home school educator, sometimes we need a little math fun... especially in the summer. 

Here is super fun way to practice PEMDAS rules suitable for all grade levels.  For my younger students, I have them use a regular pair of dice to determine the values.  I use my fraction and decimal dice for my older students.  This is a great way for siblings to play together.  If you don’t have any special dice, I found a package of small foam cubes at the dollar store that work great.  Just use a sharpie to write in the numbers.  Check out this entertaining FREE game with complete instructions: here.  

Here is another entertaining game that I created for the classroom. Students are asked to create expressions using petal numbers and PEMDAS rules to equal the center number.  It is a great higher level “thinking outside of the box” game differentiable for all levels.  You can use multiple dice (one should be a different color than the others for the “center”) or just use the game boards found here