5 steps to Organizing your Classroom!

I'll be the first to admit that I've daydreamed of getting lost in The Container Store! I find myself fantasize of small cubbies and spots for everything from binders to paperclips. Organizing an entire classroom can be a daunting task! Here are 5 simple steps to getting everything in its place!

1. Gut it! Start by making three piles- Keep, donate and trash! Keep any paperwork and supplies that you consistently need and frequently use. Donate old supplies to your local shelter or to another teacher! I know that new teachers are incredibly thankful for any help that they can get... Supplies can get expensive! And finally trash... this is the tricky one. Obviously, trash the trash. Also, trash thing that are of no value or are broken. 

2. Clean it! Now that you've got the bare bones, it's a great time to clean the nooks and crannies that typically don't get any attention. One of my favorite products are Lysol Wipes (3 containers of 80 wipes for $9 on Amazon-WOW!). They are easy to use and easy to store for later in the year.

3. Categorize it! The hardest part of organization is finding a place for everything and remembering where things belong. Categorize items based on frequency of use (daily use, monthly use, etc.), size, and color! Frequency of use is by far the most important. Remember to keep these items easily accessible and in practical containers- this is the only situation that I would splurge on containers.

4. Contain it! Choose container solutions that are appropriate for each set of items. It's amazing how expensive plastic can be! My favorite places to shop for inexpensive containers are The Dollar Tree and Big Lots. Both stores have a ton of cute and practical storage solutions! Another tips is using clear jars for storing pencils/markers/rulers. I always save the jars that pasta sauce, pickles and peanut better come in and wash them to be reused! If you're looking for larger storage solutions, I usually check out Ikea. Ikea has a ton of cute rolling carts that are great for moving supplies from one area to another.

5. Decorate it! Find a theme that suits you and your students! Remember to not pick anything too busy or distracting for the classroom. Focus on bright colors and interactive and encouraging bulletin boards. 

I hope this helps you to organize your classroom and maybe even your home!


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